Holy Crap

A couple holy craps today

First up:
Comcast is screwing Level 3 (an internet backbone provider) when L3 is trying to push through netflix movies. Why? Because netflix directly competes with Comacst, and their new baby NBC as well.

What is the holy crap moment? Right now some studies show that at peak times, Netflix streaming is up to 20% of internet traffic. 20%!! That's HUGE. That is including youtube, hulu, facebook etc etc. And there is not even that much available on Netflix.

Second up:
Google is looking to buy Groupon. I have been a member of groupon for a while - but the damn thing is now supposedly going to be bought for $5.5-$6 billion. Billion. Holy crap. Why holy crap?

Read this:
"Groupon pioneered the group-buying model through its deal-of-the-day business model. Launched in November 2008, the company has grown from an offshoot of ThePoint to a multi-billion dollar empire with thousands of employees worldwide. In April 2010, Groupon raised $135 million from Digital Sky Technologies, setting its value at over $1 billion.

If the Google deal does go through at a $6 billion valuation, that would mean that Groupon’s value has grown by more than $625 million per month or more than $20.8 million per day. That skyrocketing value is simply mindboggling."

Yeah. $21 million a day. Holy shit. From April to November, they went from $1 billion company to $6 billion company.


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