The Pre-cogs

Ahh precognition. Knowing something before you should be able to know it.

We have all experienced it, I am sure. Some of use more than others (in the limited experience I have with such things). You know who is calling you (this happens quite often), or you and your girlfriend call each other at exactly the same time, repeatedly.

On a personal note I had a friend in college who frequently answered my IMs, before I sent them. Seriously. I would be sitting at my computer, writing up a question, and would get an answer.

Recent medical studies have begun to confirm statistically significant evidence of precognition.
Cornell study shows some proof to human precognition -- at least when it comes to porn

A recently Cornell study showed that users could pick out which curtain there was an image behind 54% of the time. Obviously, the number should have been 50%, if there were no precognition. Another study gave statistical backing to the fact that many people intuitively know who is calling them, before they answer the phone (and no, I don't mean because you looked at the screen of your cellphone) - turns out people guess right more often the closer they are to the person who is calling them (emotionally/family-wise, not physically).

Interesting, because I have always believed strongly in intuition. I have personally experienced very strong moments of intuition which have proven to be completely correct (and unfortunately, sometimes ignored them).

Of course, what the studies don't tell us is any reason why all this works the way it does. There are of course a million reasons as to why (as is always the case where something currently unexplainable by legitimate science occurs), and as usual in such cases, the active support of these ideas often does more to undermine the validity of the phenomenon than anything else. Which is, of course, where I come in. Precognition is real. Why it is real is a whole different matter.

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