For Sale: HMS Invincible

Not kidding. Its for sale. Right now. Good chance it will be bought up by China (they have been buying up a number of old aircraft carriers in preparation of trying to build their own), but in the meantime, you can see if they will accept your offer.

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Sale by Tender - HMS Invincible

HMS Invincible is for sale by tender. Laid down in 1973 at Vickers Shipbuilding, Barrow-in-Furness, she was completed in 1980. She is currently stable for tow, subject to buyer confirmation.
Displacement - Current 17000 Tonnes
Estimated metal weight - 10000 Tonnes
Estimated metal % - 95% mild steel
Length - OA 210m, W/L 193m
Draught - Fwd 5.2m, Mid 5.8m, Aft 5.8m
Beam - Extreme 35m, Ex-walkways 32m, W/L 27.53m
Height - 46m (estimated at current draught
Engines - Removed
Generators and Pumps - Generally unserviceable or not working
For fuller information, please see the General Particulars.

Product ID: Sale by Tender - HMS Invincible
Manufacturer: Vickers Shipbuilding
Availability: In stock
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Closing Date - 10:00am Wednesday 05th January 2011
Further Information - Click Additional Specifications
Location - HM Naval Base Portsmouth
Point of Contact Details - Janet Kynman 01869 256017 or email
Viewing Details - All viewings are by appointment only, between 29th Nov 2010 and 10th Dec 2010

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