UN against solving problems

Well, this is really nothing new, as the UN is one of the most ineffective organizations ever created. Calling it a force for world peace would be like calling Goat Island good at stopping Niagara Falls...

Nonetheless, the UN is determined that it is going to save us from ourselves. Even if that means preventing us from saving ourselves. What I am talking about is geoengineering - the controversial concept of using engineering to affect the planet as a whole. Generally this means things like cutting back on the amount of energy we are getting from the sun, or other measures to prevent global warming.

I don't see the issue here. What we have done for the last 200 years - that was geoengineering. This would just be doing it directly. For me, it is the same argument as genetically modified foods. We have been genetically modifying foods for the past 10,000 years, but now when we do it directly, it has become a huge issue.

Humanities best asset is our ability to solve problems. What the UN is saying is "no, don't engineer a solution, instead you are forced to screw your economies and leave millions (Billions?) more in poverty." Want to challenge my numbers? The costs associated with not raising the global temp by 4 degrees over the next hundred years would be in the trillions. That money, spent on poverty, disease, safe drinking water, and geoengineering would lead to billions more individuals rising above the poverty line and you know, not being dead. Personally I consider that a rather worthy goal.

UN - you suck.

Blotting Out Sun May Soon Be Banned

Analysis by Tim Wall
Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:01 PM ET

Sunshade solar

Blotting out the sun has been the dream of many arch-villains, including The Simpson's Mr. Burns. Their schemes may soon be foiled by the United Nations' Convention on Biological Diversity.

Super villains aren't the only ones who want to shade the Earth from the sun. Blocking some of the sun's rays could slow climate change by reducing the amount of sunlight warming the Earth, say some researchers, such as Roger Angel of the University of Arizona.

The Convention may consider banning or limiting research into space sunshades. Some question their wisdom. A space sunshade would have a rapid effect on global warming and provide time to develop more permanent measures, they say. The technique has already received serious attention from NASA and other organizations.

But others, such as the ETC group, an environmental and social advocacy group, fear simply blocking the sun is a bandage, meant to cover up the problem, and allow humans to continue using fossils fuels. Another fear is that geoengineering, as techniques like this are called, could have unforeseen consequences on the weather, ecosystem and agriculture.

Past regulations by the Convention have proven controversial. A decision in 2008 limited the use of iron to fertilize the ocean to cause carbon dioxide absorbing algae blooms. When the algae die they carry the carbon to a watery grave at the bottom of the ocean. The Convention decided to limit the technique until more research was completed.

Can geoengineering really be a long term solution to climate change? It seems UN officials instead advocate working with the forces of nature, not bending them to allow us to keep our fossil fuel addiction.

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