Peak Rare Elements

Peak Everything

You’ve heard of Peak Oil? Well, yeah, thats actually a long way off. But these? These are real. And could have a significant impact. Especially on my plan to build a airship cruise liner which uses Li batteries and super-magnets to distribute phosphorus to farmers. Yeah...
The theoryThere is not enough lithium in the world to make a new generation of battery-powered cars.Rare earth magnets are in everything from disk drives to EVs to wind turbines and there is no end to demand in sight.Fifty years of mining phosphorus for fertilizer has depleted the world’s phosphate mines.The closing of the National Helium Reserve, established in the 1920s to supply military airships, will destroy the market.
Why you should worryAmerican-controlled deposits in NV are dwindling.The Chinese, source of 95 percent of the world’s Nd, recently announced that they would be restricting the export of the metal.Between 2003 and 2008, phosphate fertilizer prices rose approximately 350 percent.Switching to hydrogen is risky. Remember theHindenburg?
Why you shouldn’t worryBattery tech is in it’s infancy, and zinc-air looks pretty promising.New legislation aims to restart domestic neodymium production this year.The phosphorus in one person’s urine is close to the amount needed to fertilize one person’s food supply.Seriously, when is the last time you were in a blimp?
What you could do about itFollow Warren Buffett’s lead and buy shares of Chinese battery maker BYD.Support mandatory recycling laws for electric cars.Install a composting toilet.Swear off the balloon-bouquets.
The bottom line1 share of BYD = $6.50Every Prius comes with I kilo of neodymium inside = $501 Loveable Loo eco-toilet = $195Two days of pilot training at airship ventures = $2950

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