EPIC FAIL: UAW protests the UAW

Hahhahahah. Love it.

The United Auto Workers are protesting against the United Auto Workers. Fantastic.

Obama's favorite union, and the one which was given almost all of GM and Chrysler rather than, oh I dont know... the secured and unsecured creditors who owned it and were owed back their money (this whole capitalist system we have? It relies on the ability to lend money and expect certain legal security - not that Obama has ever really cared about being legal) is now eating its own tail.

Basically what they are protesting is the two-tiered solution the UAW came up with. Back when the government, the UAW, and the management of GM and Chrysler realized that they had managed to collectively destroy the US auto industry, the UAW agreed (oh so gracefully) to take wage cuts. Sorta.

You see, they did not take wage cuts. They said that any NEW workers would be paid 1/2 of what current workers were paid. Regardless of skill, ability, productivity or any of those other silly metrics the capitalist pigs use to try and figure out what the labor product from an individual is worth, because really, we know that each of us is actually worth the same. Unless you were not here a year ago. You are worth 1/2 of what I am worth. Suck it.

The UAW in its search for fair and equal wages, while protecting the ridiculous practices of job banks, full-salary for union reps, and the inability to fire anyone for being completely and ridiculously inept, had thus struck upon the most communist of communist policies: we are all created equal, some are just more equal than others.

And now, the new employees, paid 1/2 as much for the same work, are protesting the fact that they are paid 1/2 as much for the same work.

Ahh socialism. You know what I love about it? It's all just so fair.

uaw_fail.jpg UAW fail image by CiscoKiDD

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