Wireless Cars

Yes, cars with no keys sound cool. You just walk up to your car, it unlocks, you open the door, hit the big shiny warp drive start button and away you go.

The issue is this: as fancy as this all sounds it is predicated on the idea that it only works when the key, and thus you, are very near the car. There is, however, an issue.

Your little key fob puts out a very long combination to the car, identifying it as your key fob. Car company logic is that because this combination is very long, and has been verified by some Swiss gentlemen as having lots and lots of numbers in it, it will be very hard to crack. The whole shebang has been, however, very elegantly hacked. By a Swiss Professor no less.

You see, you don't have to crack the combination at all. You just have to replicate it. And with wireless signals, thats quite easy. Turns out all you need is a (very little) bit of programing knowledge, a signal repeater and a bit of teamwork. Guy locks his fancy new car, walks away. You walk up next to him, turn on the signal repeater which takes the weak signal from the keyfob and broadcasts it across the parking lot and your buddy walks up, opens and turns on the Bentley Continental clean as Zurich on a spring day.

Keys are good.

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