The PlayStation 3 has been rooted.

What does this mean? It means that when you go and play one of the popular games on the PS3, such as Modern Warfare 2 (until recently, my favorite game), everything is hacked.

Basically, some kid figured out how to root the firmware on the PS3. This is a hack at the very basic level of the machine, and lets you do pretty much anything.

Many "clans" (largely bunches of idiots who talk to each other on forums - though in the good old days of PC gaming clans had a lot more meaning originally) have rooted their systems and then have the games hacked so that they cant be killed, they have all the power ups and special weapons etc etc.

Though in the game one would call these dumb dumbs "hackers" - they have no technical skills beyond being able to follow instructions posted onto a forum.

PS3 took the kid to court, and tried to block the hack from going public, but was denied. I agree with the finding, but I hope that the company finds another way to ensure its games are not unusable.

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