iPad "Hacking"

What is hacking? And when is it criminal?

Right now two individuals are accused of "hacking" the AT&T iPad database to extract 120,000 email addresses, which since it was done right when the iPad came out, includes many rich important people and politicians.

How did they hack the database? They figured out that AT&T security was so piss poor, that if you put the iPad identification number into a publicly available script on the AT&T page, you got sent back the email address for that ID number. So they simply wrote a script which "brute forced" the script - in other words it just guessed at numbers, and out came 120,000 email addresses.

What did these dastardly masters of hacking (see below, what hackers usually look like) do next?

They told AT&T! AHHH the HORROR. The CRIME. Those THIEVES. Because after they told AT&T they... did nothing actually. They never used the emails or made money off of this in any way.

Now, Andrew Auernheimer, 25, and Daniel Spitler, 26, have been taken into custody by the FBI. Both men were charged with conspiracy to hack AT&T's servers and for possession of personal information obtained from the servers.

AT&T of course is not being charged with criminal freaking stupidity.

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