Ghosts, Telepathy, God. Quantum Entanglement?

New research shows that quantum entanglement, that odd mechanism of quantum mechanics where two particles end up completely tied to each other, and can remain tied to each other across infinite distances.... and now, time as well.

“You can send your quantum state into the future without traversing the middle time,” said quantum physicist S. Jay Olson of Australia’s University of Queensland, lead author of the new study.

Basically, what this means is that things can remain "connected" across... well... anything.

There already is a whole lot of bullshit about there about quantum whatevers which will make you live longer, be smarter, win the lottery etc. I am not saying that is the case. What I am saying is not that quantum entanglement gives you crazy new powers or even explains everything which I believe in (because many of these things are so common and so well proven, the generally accepted method of simply discounting them because they are difficult to understand and explain), but that given how we now understand that particles can be left inextricably tied together, it is possible (just possible, this is not at all supported by any kind of science and might not be for centuries or ever at all) that things such as ghosts, telepathy, and the feeling/belief in God are tied to quantum entanglement.

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