Verizon Prepaid vs. The World

I just made the switch from Sprint to Verizon, mostly.

First off, the ATT and now Verizon $45/mo plans are junk. 250mb of data? Are you kidding me Verizon? The reality is now there are a lot of great options out there, and these plans aren't it.

I got rid of my $90/mo unlimited everything Sprint phone plan and instead picked up the Galaxy Tab 3 7' for $50 and $15/mo for 2 gigs of data.

Then, I made the switch to Verizon Prepaid for my phone. Now, thanks to their 3G fire sale, you can get Verizon on lots of cheap MVNOs.

But... if you go with Verizon Prepaid itself, you don't have to be punished with a shit phone. You can get the Moto G for only $99 off contact. It's an amazing deal. I love, love, the phone. It's smooth, fast, good battery life, great screen, and honestly the loss of 4G means next to nothing to me if I have limited data (in my experience, it really only makes an appreciable difference when using Netflix).

The plans? I went with unlimited talk and text with 2 gigs of data for $60/mo. I'm a heavy user, but just by not using Pandora or Netflix on the network I'm nowhere near that for my first month.

With the tablet, it means I have 4G in airports etc, great little tablet, Verizon network coverage, and a phone that I love. And I pay $75/mo, with $150 for two high/mid range devices.

The only other thing I would consider is family mobile if I lived in the city and didn't travel much. $39.99/mo for unlimited everything. Virgin Mobile is somewhere in the middle, with the great (used it for 6 months) LG G3 for $75 and $45/mo for unlimited data and 1200 minutes.

Cut the cord. Stop paying postpaid (other than the silly Sprint tablet deal) and don't go for the Verizon or AT&T $45 made for tv plans.

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