Picasa Autocorrect is a POS - WTF Google?

Just decided I was going to put up some of my pictures to show friends and family. I have been using Picasa for years on and off. I am a relatively serious photographer but unlike many others with that kind of interest I am not generally speaking interested in actually publishing or getting praise for my pictures.

So - today I decided that I was going to upload a bunch of pictures to Picasa to share. First, I click through to Picasa and I get automatically booted into Google+ - WTF? I have to go through a whole tutorial on Google+ before I can get the hell out and get back to Picasa. Then I want to share my pictures, used to be easy. Again, it tries to make me share on Google+, 16 photos at a time. WTF again. I find there is a tiny button at the bottom "Share via email only." Yes Google I "only" want to share via email so that someone can just see ALL of the photos without logging into to your craptacular Facebook clone.

Finally, the emails go out and I say "cool - at least I have some of my favorite pics backed up, and people can see them". A little while later I go to check out the photos, and many of them are horribly fucked up.

This used to be a really cool picture of Niagara Falls at night - now it looks like crap.

This is the actual photo - which I never edited or photoshopped in any way (seriously - 30sec exposure at night - they have that light on to make the falls look cool / a little not so classy).

Or this absolute pile of shit

From this:

Or here - Google decided to add a fucking 1997tacular "falling snow" effect to my photo - clearly making it much much better:

Instead of this:

If you also have trouble with this and want to get rid of this useless pile of steaming crap - this is the link:

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