Why Unions Need to Die

Unions right now are standing in the way of growth.

They helped elect Obama, who has probably done more to harm the greatest common good than any other global first world leader in the last 20 years (don't count Russia as 1st world). Why do I say this? Because he will cripple our economy for years to come, ruin our healthcare system, and damage our world standing. Not only were unions instrumental in getting him elected, they were also instrumental in supporting Obamacare. Thank you, unions.

However, there are more direct reasons. The UAW with GM. Thanks to the Obama shakedown we gave the company to the union which ruined it rather than the secured debt holders. What the hell are laws for anyway when might and right are on your side?

But right now, one of main things which is pissing me of is the teachers unions. Their job is to protect under-performing teachers. That's just about it. They take a cut from everyone's paycheck and they make sure that no how good or bad you are, your job is safe. That's the goal.

Here is the old logical argument: who's afraid of a free market? Everyone who can't compete. In a truly free market (and with the assumption that all relevant rights are protected) good teachers would rise to the top and get paid more, while bad teachers would be fired. Good potential teachers would be attracted to the profession because the pay at the top is potentially high, knowing that they will have to work hard to get there. The lazy SOB's who get paid to sit in NYC's rubber rooms and play on their phones all day would steer themselves towards another profession, probably public office.

Perhaps the late Albert Shanker, former president of the American Federation of Teachers, best summed up the true goals of teachers unions when he said: “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”

Yeah, I didn't even have to make that up. American Unions: blocking progress as much as damn well possible.

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