The word "bitch" on TV

This is my blog. I say what I want. I use similes, metaphors, and the occasional lol cat.  I might call Obama the most useless leader since Frosty the snowman tried to lead the North African campaign. I might end a sentence with a preposition. But there is one thing up with which I will not put. The use of "bitch" is out of control.

Why, says your inner Yoda, does the libertarian swear words about worry, hmmm?

The problem I have is that it is the only swear word allowed. You can't say pretty much anything else. To the best of my knowledge you can't even say "dick" or at least it is rarely used. So why "bitch" which is far more derogatory? I would like to give an explanation here other than massive sexism, but I dont really see any other options. By saying "bitch"  all the time on regular programming but nothing else, we giving the green light to its general use. Deregulate TV and let people talk like real people. Letting writers use just one sexist swear word is helping no one, and more importantly, pissing me off.

Sadly,  though I feel like the mixture of a free market and heavy handed government regulation normally goes so well... In this case it seems to have failed us.

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