Square is Back: The new Chevy Silverado Samples from the 90's

I have a '96 Chevy Tahoe. One of the things I love about my pre-millennium towing and hauling machine is that it is unapologetically a big truck. The design team drew two boxes and more or less called it a day. I love the way it looks.
Towing my briefly lived 300zx

 After a long period of making pretty rounded out trucks (especially in the early 2000s), Chevy today revealed their new Silverado/Sierra, and it looks.. a lot like mine.

Which is to say - I like the design. It's a truck - it should look like a truck. Leave the crossover looks to the crossovers. Also - I like that it doesn't have the ridiculous "look at me" front grill of the Tundra or Ram - the 3rd and 4th best selling full-size trucks in the US always look like they are compensating for something.

Toyota Tundra Ultimate Fishing Truck
Can you actually see what's in front of you? Probably not.

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