If I Only Had a Gulch...

If you have not read Atlas Shrugged, go do so. Then come back here. I'll be waiting.

Don't worry - the last 1000 pages go pretty fast

a little while later...

Yes - I know the book is 500 pages too long and I know the characters are... interesting... but, getting beyond that to the point of the book: I wish I had a gulch.

Right now I am working my ass off and hiring people. And most of those people suck. People can't show up on time, constantly want to take breaks or just, in classic Atlas Shrugged fashion, want to avoid being responsible for anything.

At the same time I live in a country (the USA) where I feel like the government more and more approximates the government in the novel. Everything has to be done "for the good of society" while "profit for profit's sake" is obviously evil and a sign of anti-social behavior. Companies should think first about their employees or the environment, not about making money.

I also increasingly feel completely un-represented in any way. I am planning on moving to New Hampshire - which is at least something of a Gulch though becoming less so. Perhaps Texas will succeed, though I am not sure I fancy the heat or bible thumping.

Maybe I can start my own sealand, though that seems kind of boring.
Not a lot to do... 
Of course the reality is that I will stay where I am and work my ass off and there are many many other people who are doing the same - not just the rare few left in the world of Atlas Shrugged. However, it is galling sometimes to see so many useless, manipulative and shitty people - and to know they are the ones running the country.

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