Love Your Old Saab Hatchback? Get the New BMW 3-Series GT

I never understood why the hatchback sedan was not more widely adopted. I grew up in Saab 9000's and I have since owned one myself. They make so much more sense than a traditional sedan there is literally no comparison. And there is no downside - you don't have to look like you are driving around in a mom-mobile because it isn't a wagon - it's just a sedan with the hinge at the top of the rear glass.

Maybe there is some complex reason why they are more difficult to design - something about cross-member stress and the strength of the c-pillars. Meh. Saab did it for years and they were the size of a flea compared with ToMoCo and GM.

Not to rehash old ground here... but the 9000 Aero was a large hatchback sedan which was incredibly fun to drive, got 250+ hp from a turbo 4 and was very safe while getting almost 30mpg - all in the early 90's. Ahead of it's time? You bet.

More practical than your car, guaranteed

So what has BMW done? After many years of letting Audi reign with the practical crowd (RWD is fun - but north of the Mason-Dixon line not all that practical) they have decided to go after the old Saab market.

Starting in 2014 BMW will offer the 3-series as a "GT" - which means hatchback which isn't a wagon in BMWeze.

First - I am not really sure whey they went with the extend-o-butt. Yes, it probably does increase the internal storage space, but it looks pretty odd, mitigating some of the beauty of the whole hatchback-sedan design.

However, if you can get this in AWD with a manual and a good engine you are looking at one hell of a combination. My problem though? Given how ugly the back end is, you might as well get the wagon...

Anyway, a step in the right direction in my opinion - hopefully someone will pick up the torch and start building good looking sporty sedans with hatchbacks. Or I could buy and restore an old 9000 Aero... hmmm....

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