Hyundai and Kia Lied about MPGs?? Yup

Turns out that the Koreans were advertising fuel economy which was a little too good.

The sister companies of Kia and Hyundai have admitted to doctoring results for the last couple years, leading to higher then actual fuel economy numbers being posted.

The Chart is a Liar
Net result? A big black eye and a whole boatload of cash going out the door... 

The companies will spend millions of dollars compensating the owners of some 900,000 vehicles sold under the claims. All told, 35 percent of 2011-2013 models sold through October will see a reduction. Of those, 580,000 will see a drop of around 1 mpg, while 240,000 units will have their EPA figures cut by 2 mpg. The remaining 80,000 will drop by 3 to 4 mpg. Owners will be compensated based on their vehicles' odometer readings, and both automakers will contribute an additional 15 percent over the dollar value. The funds will be awarded via prepaid debit cards. For an owner who drove 15,000 miles, an adjustment of 1 mpg would result in a refund of around $88.

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