Buick Bringing Back the GNX?!!!?!? Looks like it

Back in the day the Buick GNX was the (unlikely) diamond in the rough which dominated drag strips (12 second times) and generally had way to much performance for anything 1) built by a US car company between 1977 and 2004 or 2) called a Buick. 

It came to be known as "Darth Vader's Car"... I don't know why...
And now, with Buick one of the final 4 GM brands (thanks to China), the corporate overlords are looking to inject some life back into a brand better known for ferrying septuagenarians to and from Florida golf courses. Yes, the Regal Turbo was a good first attempt.. but it just isn't serious enough to make me stop looking at everyone else's factory tuned specials. 

Enter the GNX... 

Buick Grand National Picture
I work out
Looks like the GNX will be based on the Cadillac ATS (the new little Caddy), and will be RWD with... wait for it... around 400hp. Yeah, 400. Grandpa will be able to get to Shady Acres REALLY FAST. 

Will I want one? Remains to be seen. Yes - it will probably be cool. And yes, it will kind of be a baby CTS-V for less $$$. But will it have a stickshift? Will it have AWD as an option? (I would guess no, and with 400hp, that's too bad). Will it make me nod my head and say "damn.." when I see it? Will I need a pimp cane to fend off the hoes as I roll by? These vital questions will remain unanswered for many months, because like Peter Jackson teasing the fuck out of us with trailers for the Hobbit, it will be a year or more before we see anything even resembling the final version. 

Still though, a Buick I am looking forward to? That is saying something.

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