E-Ink Phone - Weeks of Battery Life?

A small Chinese company has shown off a e-ink phone and everyone is super excited about it.

It's easy to understand why... the battery will last a week of real use, the phone is silly thin and light... but I can also tell you it won't sell well.

You see, we all complain about the crappy battery life on our phones. But you know what had great battery life? My old flip Samsung. It also made great calls and was way easier to use as a phone. But you know what it didn't do? Anything else. Ok, it had tetris... and a stopwatch. Sure - I miss my old flip phones now and then, but you would have to pay me quite a lot to go back to using one.

This e-ink phone runs Android 2.3 sure, but the screen is still e-ink which means a very low refresh rate (no games or movies) and of course, no color. So yes - it is a smartphone in that you can get your email and run apps, but the vast majority of apps and websites will looks like crap.

This is one of those internet things that everyone thinks is super cool and no one will buy. Yes - we are all tired of the crappy battery life on our phones, but get a Razr MAXX (worst name ever) or one of the big batteries like I have. Ok, it gives you "brick phone" but at least it will last two days. Or, just do what most of us do, which is have chargers everywhere. E-ink phone = cool, but not practical.

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