Sprint's iPhone iFail

How is Sprint doing? Not good. 

Why are they doing so badly? They decided it was a great idea to put billions of dollars into buying Apple phones and selling them at a loss. Now the iPhone accounts for 40% of their smartphone sales, which TERRIBLE for the company (contrary to the idiot pro-Apple people out there who try and claim this somehow has increased sales). iPhone sales have simply cannibalized other sales at a huge cost. 

To make up for it, Sprint has been increasing the prices on all of its plans ($20/mo more now than 1.5yrs ago) - which sucks. It is also a big reason I am using Virgin Mobile for my company, and I recently found out that Ting (another MVNO on Sprint) seems to get access to Verizon roaming just like Sprint would - need to find out more on that one. 

Anyway - wtf were you thinking Sprint? 


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