Microsoft's Brick

Ahh the "surface"

There were credible rumors you were going to start at only $199 - the cool new price point for small tablets. A 10' tab for the price of a 7'? It would be Christmas in October.

"I'm blue"

But it was not to be. Microsoft has announced the pricing of the surface and it is... stupid. $499 for the regular tablet and $120 for the keyboard cover. WTF. Ok, it comes with Office. Big freaking deal. To make Office worth anything, you need the keyboard case, which makes this $620 - which means you could get a really nice laptop instead.

So let's recap. This tablet is for people who need Office, want a keyboard, are willing to spend over $600 but think that ultrabooks are just too big and bulky...

So, once those 7 people have bought this thing, who else will? I just don't see it. I can get a Nexus 7 or Kindle Firebolt 2001 (yes - a Harry Potter reference, and botched one at that) for $199. I can get all kinds of still really good last generation 10' tablets for $199. Or I could get an iPad for $499.

The hilarious part is that Microsoft says they are building millions of the things in preparation for all the customer demand. Microsoft.. you should probably google "HP touchpad" and see what happens when the quirky competitor tries to go toe-to-toe on pricing with the iPad. Idiots.


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