Presidential Debate Stupidity: Mobilizing Sanctions

So, a lot of what was said last night was stupid.

Obama claimed all kinds of ridiculous things, but given he is arguing from a pretty crappy position, he pretty much has to make things up to make his side sound decent.

But the worst?

We "deployed sanctions" in Syria.

What the fuck does that mean? It sounds like we are doing something with the military but really says were are doing not a damn thing.

Oh wait, he explained, it means "we are doing everything possible." Because "deploying sanctions" is all the US is capable of.

Right. Fucking idiot. He also said "who could have seen the rising wave of pro-Democracy sentiment in the Middle East"... hmm.... let me think about it.... oh yeah, George Bush.

I can stand listening to him anymore. I don't know how anyone does it. Your mind must be immune to bullshit and cognitive dissonance.


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