Mitt Romney has a major issue. He created the healthcare plan here in MA, which quite simply, sucks. Costs went up for everyone, and there was no appreciable benefit.

It also happens to be rather similar to Obamacare, which is such a toxic piece of shit that anyone associated with it is pretty much unelectable, especially on the Republican side.

Which is why Romney is in trouble. He is presenting himself as a centrist alternative to the crazy-to-the-left Obama, or the just plain crazy Huckabee or Palin. And with Obama talking about how Romney is the granddaddy of Obamacare, that is just not going to work.

Which is too bad.

Right now the country needs a moderate Republican with some libertarian economic tendencies to take charge and right the ship, while unifying (to an extent) the nation. Obama is a disaster, and the policies that he is putting in place will guarantee that this nation falls from its position as the world's leading economic power. But certain figures on the right (Palin...) if they win the primary first have a very small chance of winning the election, and second are not likely to do anything helpful for this country if they are elected.

Anyway, here's hoping that a centrist libertarian Republican wins the White House. Though I would take pretty much anyone but another 4 years of the current idiot.

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