T Mobile Simple Choice Plan Fraud - Do Not Use for International Travel

Planning a trip soon? You may have seen T-Mobile advertise their Simple Choice Plan. $50/mo, 1GB of LTE data and (big perk!)

It seems like a great deal. Step off the plane and instead of the hassle of trying to find a local SIM card, you already have unlimited (slow) data & texting - which is really all you need most of the time. 

Since I was flying to the UK where much of my family lives, I went to the page, clicked the link and signed up for a plan. This plan in fact: Simple Choice Unlimited

Do NOT get off a plane and start texting with this plan. T-Mobile will charge you a MINIMUM of $0.50 per text and at least $1/mb for data. 

Where's the trick? You singed up for a "Simple Choice Plan" and EVERY "Simple Choice" plan comes with international travel right? 


T-Mobile maintains there are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLANS. 

1) Simple Choice Unlimited Prepaid
2) Simple Choice Unlimited Postpaid (no contract)

Yes, both plans have the same name. Yes, both plans are No Contract. Yes, both plans are $50 a month. But if you sign up online you get plan #1 - which does not include international travel. Plan #2 is from their pospaid department, which according to T-Mobile, has nothing to do with the Simple Choice Unlimited Plan you see online. 

Bullshit? You bet.

How did I find out? Go to the FAQ at the bottom of the Simple Choice plan page and click "View 15 more questions"

Then scroll down to find this little gem (question #15, healthily buried below the fold and in the middle of useless junk):

are you fucking kidding me right now?

While I have been annoyed at companies in the past, I have rarely come across such straight up fraud. Luckily I caught it before I traveled. After a very frustrating hour on the phone T-Mobile admitted the website "might be confusing" causing me to "sign up for the wrong plan" - and said they will "try and get me a one-time exemption" you know, because I signed up for the wrong plan...

What utter bullshit. 

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