UAW Targets Asians and Germans

So, the UAW has succeeded in (nearly) killing off the American auto companies. Chrysler is mostly dead, Ford and GM needed government money (GM a full on purchase from the American people - $150 per person or so).

The UAW is to a large degree to blame for this. They are a bunch of lazy overpaid workers who fight hard to ensure that pay is based on tenure rather than skill and hard work. They really are one of the worst, most despicable, most destructive organizations still operating in the US.
Bob King

And now, they are trying to organize the US plants of the foreign automakers. What assholes. Those plants have been able to do well and grow precisely because they have NOT had the UAW working there. And these are not underpaid and unhappy workers. They are paid well, have good satisfaction, and oh wait, he is a big one... STILL HAVE JOBS. Lets see whats happened to Detroit, home of the UAW and all the love and joy that they bring...

Yeah. Detroit is in one of the worst states of urban decay of any city in the world, and that is what the UAW has to offer. They have killed off the body they have been so long feeding off of, and they are now looking for a new host. Please, please if you work in a foreign auto plant, do not allow in the UAW. I like the idea that some of my cars, even if they are not made by American brands, are still made in American factories. Well, actually, I dont care at all if my car in particular is made in America, but in general, I think this country should still be able to operate high value-added factories, considering our focus on technology.

Anyway, my rant for today, and I apologize for being away for so long. I will be bombarding this blog with my thoughts for the next few days, catching up before the new year.

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