Obama Administration Considering Cellphone Jammers in Cars

Nope, this is not April 1st. The Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in an MSNBC interview a few days ago that they were looking into requiring the instillation of cellphone jamming equipment in every car.

Really, not just banning cellphone use, they have jumped right past that to crazy fucking nanny state insanity. They say this could save up to 5,500 lives a year. I would not be surprised if it cost that many lives as well, not to mention billions and billions of dollars in lost productivity.

It is completely ridiculous on many levels, and a sign of how idiotic this administration is that it was even brought up in a serious interview. It is unlikely it will save lives: distracted driving is very hard to pin down to cellphone use - why not ban eating food in your car, changing radio stations, looking at billboards, talking to a passenger, or having kids in the back seat. Furthermore, the cellphone companies paid the FCC for that spectrum, and now the government wants to install 100 million jammers? I call bullshit. Finally, the very idea that the government will regulate behavior in our cars (which really, most Americans see as personal extensions of the home) not through laws, but through a device which forces behavioral change? Even in 1984, Orwell only had cameras watching people, not devices which stopped them from "breaking the law."

Insane motherfuckers. I am so glad they no longer had the power they did. Lets hope they dont do too much damage in the next month. Luckily, they are too stupid to get much done.


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