Freedompop Phone Service Review: Frustration for Free!

Do you like being endlessly frustrated when technology refuses to work? Do you like logging in and logging out repeatedly just to get basic phone service? Do you enjoy low quality support and frustrating procedures?

Freedompop is for you!

As some background - I used to have Sprint, so tried to activate my old Motorola Photon 4G on the network. It "worked" but then would never connect... ok...

So when the Samsung Galaxy S2 came up for Freedompop on - I bought one. $90 for a second phone with a "free" network? I'll try it out. I also figured that because I was buying the phone from them, setup should be a breeze.

I was so wrong.

Even though the phone came directly from them, and is branded Freedompop - it can't connect to the internet over their network. It can make phone calls etc, but to actually get through to you know, data, you have to reset your connection.. oh.. 10-20 times. Pathetic.

Turns out this is a pretty common issue. Because they are trying to piggyback and share data, you don't have a "normal" connection to the Sprint network - this is not Virgin Mobile. Instead, you are logging in to a shared pool of data (Freedompop) and then it gets doled out - IF you can connect correctly.

So far - I have never been able to connect my phone over 3G. 4G is WIMAX - so screw that, it covers about 2% of the US and drains your battery like a flashlight in a horror movie.

Free phone - yes. Worth it? Absolutely not.

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