Obama The Moral

Today, Obama highlighted the plight of those Americans who have been out of work for over six months. The recession was hard, no way around that. But his response? Straight out of Atlas Shrugged.

Instead of trying to lead the nation by reducing regulation, improving employment opportunities with a free market, or increasing international trade... he tells us the Federal Government will "no longer evaluate candidates based on their employment history" and that it is our duty to do the same. Yup, exactly those words. Incredible.

Honestly, I think his speech writers might have just copied and pasted from Atlas Shrugged. Why should we grow by placing a fair price on the value of hard work when we can instead insist that it is everyone's mural duty to ignore other people's failings? Why, after all, is it fair for one man to earn so much when another man has had all bad luck?

Clearly, the answer to America's woes is to morally demand that employers no longer consider employment history when evaluating candidates.

Honestly, just read his fucking sentence. Are you kidding me? Obama literally stood up today and said that. Said we have a moral obligation to ignore a candidate's employment history. It's so stupid I don't even have to make fun of it.

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